What Am Working On Now

Write a program to solve a classic ancient Chinese puzzle: We count 35 heads and 94 legs among the chickens and rabbits in a farm. How many rabbits and how many chickens do we have?

Hint: Use for loop to iterate all possible solutions.

This Week In Autonomous Vehicles July 30th Edition

This week's highlight is the Tesla Model 3 Launch

This week in the autonomous vehicle industry has been quite busy one. For me I have been doing alot of hardware work to improve on my hand on skills. My RC SD car has gained some progress despite my busy schedule Now onto the news… Tesla Model 3 Launch. Need I say more? I love this car Standard Battery Starting at $35,000 Range of 220 miles 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 5. [Read More]

LifeLog 2017 Edition Day 180 Update

LifeLog is a personal year long project for logging daily activities by taking a photo and audio recording daily with my phone camera, today is the 180th since I started.

Today is Friday, the 3oth of June, 2017. 180 days since my last update and also 180 days since the year started. Its also equivalent to 15,552,000 seconds or 259,200 minutes or 4320 hours or 25 weeks and 5 days since the year started. Simpy put upto today 49.32% of 2017 has gone. Thats alot to take in give the many digits. On the other side, there are 184 days left in 2017. [Read More]

Setting Up A Linode VPS Virtual Private Server

Introduction Finally after fiddling up with some settings, my Linode VPS is running perfectly. Before going deeper let me explain what is a VPS. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is esentially a computer in a dfferent location where you can install programs while having access to it via SSH or other protocols. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is utilised by businesses looking for a secure method of hosting their websites. [Read More]

This Week In My Engineering Career

▲ We use oscillators in most of our experiments, perfect tool for ciruit analysis. EEE 309 Analogue Electronics 2 Labwork This week’s labwork was about an introduction to Op-Amps. We worked with the UA741CN Chip Op-Amp. The experiment was good but I still think I need to get myself a chip and see how it really works.On a better note the Digital Electronics practical on “Digital Counter With 7 Segment Display” was a success. [Read More]

Self Driving Car Project - Part 1 Project Update

▲ Current state of the car as of May 3rd 2017 This week has been very busy for me since I started making my self driving car model out of an RC Car. Last year I got a Red Hammer H2 RC Car. This car is made in China on a Ratio of 1:14 and runs on 5x1.5V .The project is simple, make it drive itself and learn alot of stuff while at it. [Read More]

Growing Plants With Artificial Light 2

Purpose AND Objectives The main propose of this experiment is to learn more about how plants can survive and grow to maturity without being exposed to sunlight. This experiment is a continuation of my earler Experiment - Growing With Light. This time on a bigger scale and with more accurate data and equipment.The following are some of the objectives for this project: To lean more about how plants convert light during photosynthesis To learn about different types of light which are used in plant germination & growth To learn about Automation and Data Mining To increase my programming skills in small embedded hardware. [Read More]

LifeLog 2017 Edition Day 90 Update

Today is Friday, the 31st of March, 2017. There are 275 days, 6,604 hours and more that 400,000 minutes left for the year to come to an end. We are 90 days into 2018 and its already feels long enough. When the year comes to a close many will say that year went fast, and almost cannot recall most days of the year due to us having countless activies in a year. [Read More]

QTC March 2017

SUBCRIPTIONS WERE DUE IN JANUARY:- FULL MEMBERS SHS.2,000 ASSOCIATES SHS.1,000 STUDENTS SHS.200 MINUTES OF THE SHACK MEETING HELD ON 11th February, 2017 Present: Chairman/Secretary: E. Alleyne, 5Z4NU Treasurer: H. Patel, 5Z4HP Members: M. Beacham, 5Z4BX; D. Mutonga, 5Z4DJ; K. Mutu, 5Z4BV; Apologies: Bishop Bill Atwood, 5Z4BS; J. Nyadwe; J. Archer, 5Z4FV; D. Gardner, 5Z4DE; D. Angoya, 5Z4ALN; Kagotho, 5Z4OC; The meeting opened at 10. [Read More]

1st October Shack Meeting - Shack Vandalised & Windows Smashed

Today’s Shack meeting was best attended than another since i joined ARSK. This was mainly due to the recent developments at the shack. The home-less guy that we chased from living behind the shack wrecked havoc on the shack. The smashed the windows, destroyed the supports that hold the veranda’s roofing which eventually came crashing down. There were signs of attempted forced entry from the rear door but once again the bees deterred him. [Read More]