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Welcome to Git-Huka,
My Take On Electricalogy, Chinese and High Speed Trains.

3phase Blog is a platform for Engineers,Students and Enthusiasts alike to come discuss and share ideas on how we can use clean power in this carbon strained world.I welcome ideas and comments on all aspects of electrical engineering.I will try to the best of my knowledge to provide information and responses to all your comments by providing illustrative and clear images and links to resource sites.

Note: Some projects here will involve working with high voltage and while I take every safety measure to highlight the dangerous areas of my project, I would strongly urge you to seek expert advice when in doubt or drop me a comment before attempting any dirty connections.

This page is the reincarnation of my old blog at 3phase Blog. I wont transfer the posts here since that would kill the continuity so if you need to see the old articles, click on that link above.