QTC March 2017

SUBCRIPTIONS WERE DUE IN JANUARY:- FULL MEMBERS SHS.2,000 ASSOCIATES SHS.1,000 STUDENTS SHS.200 MINUTES OF THE SHACK MEETING HELD ON 11th February, 2017 Present: Chairman/Secretary: E. Alleyne, 5Z4NU Treasurer: H. Patel, 5Z4HP Members: M. Beacham, 5Z4BX; D. Mutonga, 5Z4DJ; K. Mutu, 5Z4BV; Apologies: Bishop Bill Atwood, 5Z4BS; J. Nyadwe; J. Archer, 5Z4FV; D. Gardner, 5Z4DE; D. Angoya, 5Z4ALN; Kagotho, 5Z4OC; The meeting opened at 10. … »

1st October Shack Meeting - Shack Vandalised & Windows Smashed

Today’s Shack meeting was best attended than another since i joined ARSK. This was mainly due to the recent developments at the shack. The home-less guy that we chased from living behind the shack wrecked havoc on the shack. The smashed the windows, destroyed the supports that hold the veranda’s roofing which eventually came crashing down. There were signs of attempted forced entry from the rear door but once again the bees deterred him. … »

3rd September Shack Meeting

Today’s Shack meeting was well attended. We had 4 members present including our Chairman, Mr Ted Alleyne. Other members present were Mr. Joseph Ngungu and Mr. Kagotho. We arrived to find that somebody had stolen the water meter and left the water flooding the entire place. I plugged the pipe with a stick and I hope it holds till its repaired. Also the guy who lives behind the shack has made the hole in the fence bigger since thats his passage, we took down his makeshift dwelling because he had littered the place with plastic bottles. … »

2nd July Shack Meeting Passed Novice Exam

Gate and Shack Security The fence for the shack has a big hole which unknown persons keep breaking into the shack. There is along process for this to be repaired. These people have now started ‘dwelling’ behind the building. We found a large stock of bottles behind the shack building. They have also broken the water pipe. Running Costs The site has proved too expensive to maintain and we are thinking of changing location. … »

Preparing For Novice Exam - How To Contact The ISS

Today’s Shack meeting went well and was well attended. The hole on the fence is even bigger.The station is overgrown with grass due to the heavy rains that have been pounding Nairobi lately. As usual Ted kicked off the meeting and went through the meeting. At some point we were discussing how one can call the ISS (International Space Station). I later did some research and this is what I have learn’t. … »

9th April Shack Meeting - I am a Registered Member

Today was my first time to attend a shack meeting and generally it was very informative. The meeting was at the 5Z4RS Station Beacon in Woodley Estate,Nairobi. This location is referred to as the Shack. On my way I was wondering who and what type of people I would find. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10.00AM. On arrival I found Mr.Ted Alleyne together with another gentle man doing some preparations. … »

Armature Radio In Kenya

Introduction Armature Radio (Ham Radio) is a hobby for enthusiasts which is a non commercial radio station with 4 receivers, amplifier and additional equipment for communication with other operators on a specific frequency. In Kenya ham radio is organized by Radio Society of Kenya located in Nairobi where they have a headquarters. Although Amateur Radio operators get involved for many reasons, they all have in common a basic knowledge of radio technology and operating principles, and pass an examination for the FCC license to operate on radio frequencies known as the “Amateur Bands. … »