Setting Up A Linode VPS Virtual Private Server

Introduction Finally after fiddling up with some settings, my Linode VPS is running perfectly. Before going deeper let me explain what is a VPS. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is esentially a computer in a dfferent location where you can install programs while having access to it via SSH or other protocols. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is utilised by businesses looking for a secure method of hosting their websites. … »

This Week In My Engineering Career

▲ We use oscillators in most of our experiments, perfect tool for ciruit analysis. EEE 309 Analogue Electronics 2 Labwork This week’s labwork was about an introduction to Op-Amps. We worked with the UA741CN Chip Op-Amp. The experiment was good but I still think I need to get myself a chip and see how it really works.On a better note the Digital Electronics practical on “Digital Counter With 7 Segment Display” was a success. … »

Self Driving Car Project - Part 1 Project Update

▲ Current state of the car as of May 3rd 2017 This week has been very busy for me since I started making my self driving car model out of an RC Car. Last year I got a Red Hammer H2 RC Car. This car is made in China on a Ratio of 1:14 and runs on 5x1.5V .The project is simple, make it drive itself and learn alot of stuff while at it. … »