RaspberryPi-Arduino UNO Serial Port Connection in C/C++

Our Self Driving Model Car uses a RaspberryPi and Arduino for power and control. These two powerful and functional devices must have smooth communication else our car will have control problems thereafter. In our previous car model we used a RaspberryPi only but now we have an Arduini UNO which will be used to control the wheels. Student1: What is the RaspberryPi and Arduino? The RaspberryPi is a single board, credit card sized computer that runs minimal software and can be used in very many areas. … »

Accessing Google Drive From Terminal

Google Drive is a good way to backup your data. In Windows this can be accomplished simply by having a Google account and drag-dropping stuff into it. From a CLI - Command Line Interface a different approach is used which I will explain in this article. My distro is [Archlinux]() so this tutorial is based on the same. Tools rclone gdrive rclone rclone is written in Google’s Go Language and it a powerful tool that can be used to access your Google Drive neatly from the terminal. … »

Greetings From Voi

I have been in Voi town for over a week now and I believe its wise to jot down a post about this relatively remote town along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. Am down here on assignment with AVIC Kenya at Coast Institute of Technology where we are conducting a training for various TVET teachers in a Mechatronic Engineering course which is being offered in Chinese by Chinese teachers. This training has been running for the last 3 months so am just here for the last 1 month or so as an interpreter for Chinese–English and vice versa. … »

External Operation [EXT] of a Mitsubishi D700 VFD to Control a 3phase Motor

External Operation of a 3phase Motor Using Mitsubishi D700 Inverter The Mitsubishi D700 Inverter is a very handy variable frequency drive for the electrical engineer. This model, though discontinued has been used in a variety of connections for different types of loads. In today‚Äôs experiment, I want to show you how to control a small 3phase motor using the D700 to make the motor run in 3 different speeds, and change direction. … »

My Encounter With The STC Microcontrollers

The first time I held an STC microcontroller was today morning when we were preparing the lab ahead of the class experiment for tomorrow. I decided to assemble my own board from the components given. The boards were packed tightly in bulk so it was quite a task to set them up. The boards which I later came to learn were designed by one of the Chinese’s lecturers students back in China. … »

Configuring Marantz Pro MPM 1000U in Linux

The Marantz Pro MPM-1000U is a USB condenser mic for DAW recording or podcasting. It comes in as an entry level mic.It comes with a USB connection which was one of the feature that I wanted. This mic is designed to work on any PC with a descent USB interface and a software like Audacity. While thats good, I wanted to try out recording on termial and this is how far I have come in doing so. … »