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If it’s not hard, its not worth making

I am currently collecting drivers’ data about driving habits for my Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree program. You can check out some of my progress below. If am not in my lab, drop me an email and we can talk.

See you in PyConKe event at USIU Africa on 28th and 29th where I will be giving a talk on Lane and Traffic Sign Detection, my talk is on Friday at 4:30-5:30pm.Please find my power point presentation here-en

Collecting Driving Data On Kenyan Roads

How to collect your data safely and on budget

Ever since I dipped my mind into the autonomous vehicles world, I have been noting carefully road transport in a whole new dimension. I now see data and need lots of it. Training a CNN needs alot of data and even when I was working on the Lane Detection Algo project, I used data that was provided by (Udacity)[udacity.com]. But now I deceided to put the same algo on local roads here in Kenya. [Read More]

This Week in Autonomous Vehicles Spetember 10th Edition

Autonomous Vehicles Spetember 10th Edition

This past week has had quite some significant developments in the autonomous car industry. The big companies are still leading the pack though some have decided to cut back in developments. Seizing this opportunity, small startups are rising by launching market ready self driving cars promising to make them ready by 2020. Top Headlines Lyft and Drive.ai will be offering free rides in Self Driving cars in the Bay Area with Safety Drivers - David Silver Whats Driving The Connected Car? [Read More]

Speak Chinese Like A Native Project

A Project on how to pronounce the tones like you were born and bred in China

I stepped into my first Chinese class in May 2012 at Kenyatta University Confucius Institute and I have been using Chinese professionally as from September 2014 when I landed my first translation job at the Standard Gauge Railway. Speakig Chinese is natural for me but not the idioms which are a headache. Speaking like a Chinese native requires alot of time and preactise, something that many non natives dont have time. [Read More]

RC Self Driving Car Update

An update on my progress in buiding a small Self Driving Car

Of late I have been busy making the car since my last update. If you do not undertsand what this project is aout, please check the last update and check out my medium page where I give regular updates. Its so easy to blog on medium. In summary the following have happened since April Learned alot about Self Driving Cars from Udacity Bricked a Raspberry Pi Model 3 Bought and destroyed an RC Car Coded alot in Python Eploded a LiPo battery One of my main challenges with the RC Self Driving car was power. [Read More]

This Week In Autonomous Vehicles July 30th Edition

This week's highlight is the Tesla Model 3 Launch

This week in the autonomous vehicle industry has been quite busy one. For me I have been doing alot of hardware work to improve on my hand on skills. My RC SD car has gained some progress despite my busy schedule Now onto the news… Tesla Model 3 Launch. Need I say more? I love this car Standard Battery Starting at $35,000 Range of 220 miles 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 5. [Read More]

Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree Term1 Project1 Finding Lane Lines

To Find Lanes Lines On The Road Using Basic Computer Vision

The main objective of this project is to find lane lines in video using basic computer vision. The lines on the road show us where the lanes are and act as a constant reference for where to steer the vehicle. Naturally, one of the first things we would like to do in developing a self-driving car is to automatically detect lane lines using an algorithm.In this project I have created a pipeline to detect lane lines in images and videos using Python and OpenCV. [Read More]

LifeLog 2017 Edition Day 180 Update

LifeLog is a personal year long project for logging daily activities by taking a photo and audio recording daily with my phone camera, today is the 180th since I started.

Today is Friday, the 3oth of June, 2017. 180 days since my last update and also 180 days since the year started. Its also equivalent to 15,552,000 seconds or 259,200 minutes or 4320 hours or 25 weeks and 5 days since the year started. Simpy put upto today 49.32% of 2017 has gone. Thats alot to take in give the many digits. On the other side, there are 184 days left in 2017. [Read More]

Setting Up A Linode VPS Virtual Private Server

Introduction Finally after fiddling up with some settings, my Linode VPS is running perfectly. Before going deeper let me explain what is a VPS. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is esentially a computer in a dfferent location where you can install programs while having access to it via SSH or other protocols. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is utilised by businesses looking for a secure method of hosting their websites. [Read More]

This Week In My Engineering Career

▲ We use oscillators in most of our experiments, perfect tool for ciruit analysis. EEE 309 Analogue Electronics 2 Labwork This week’s labwork was about an introduction to Op-Amps. We worked with the UA741CN Chip Op-Amp. The experiment was good but I still think I need to get myself a chip and see how it really works.On a better note the Digital Electronics practical on “Digital Counter With 7 Segment Display” was a success. [Read More]