Wilfred Githuka

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3rd September Shack Meeting


Today’s Shack meeting was well attended. We had 4 members present including our Chairman, Mr Ted Alleyne. Other members present were Mr. Joseph Ngungu and Mr. Kagotho. We arrived to find that somebody had stolen the water meter and left the water flooding the entire place. I plugged the pipe with a stick and I hope it holds till its repaired. Also the guy who lives behind the shack has made the hole in the fence bigger since thats his passage, we took down his makeshift dwelling because he had littered the place with plastic bottles. He had also tried to break into the shack from the back door but the bees that live there deterred him. Also 2 VHF Antennae have been stolen too.

Meeting Agenda

  • Gate and Shack Security - The fence for the shack has a big hole which unknown persons keep breaking into the shack. There is along process for this to be repaired. These people have now started ‘dwelling’ behind the building. We found a large stock of bottles behind the shack building. They have also broken the water pipe.
  • Running Costs - The site has proved expensive to maintain and we are thinking of changing location.
  • Water Meter Repair - We agreed to buy a new water meter.


Next meeting scheduled on 1st October 2016