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Today is Friday, the 3oth of June, 2017. 180 days since my last update and also 180 days since the year started. Its also equivalent to

  • 15,552,000 seconds or
  • 259,200 minutes or
  • 4320 hours or
  • 25 weeks and 5 days since the year started. Simpy put upto today 49.32% of 2017 has gone. Thats alot to take in give the many digits.

On the other side, there are 184 days left in 2017. This is equivalent to:

  • 15,897,600 seconds or
  • 264,960 minutes or
  • 4416 hours or
  • 184 days or
  • 26 weeks and 2 days. Again, simply put, there is 50.41% of 2017 left to go through.

This is the second update of LifeLog - A personal project that I started in 2017 for accountability and taking each day as it comes. LifeLog initially started as a Photo-A-Day but now its way more than that. I have added audio and test together with the daily photos and the results are great. LifeLog basically involves taking a photo daily of the most iconic event or location that happened that day. This photo is later renamed according to the date and time of capture. The audio part of LifeLog involves recording an audio clip of the day at whatever time talking about the day or action being done. Nothing too serious, just casual. I later rename it just like the images. Recently I have started testing out with text in Chinese and its not easy as I thought it would be. The text is in Chinese Characters mainly to improve my speed in writing. I must admit that in May I only wrote one day’s page. This has tested my personal discipline to the max. I really need to work on this.

Reason For Doing This?

You must be wondering why I torture my body to do all this. Well, the main reason is to take each day and remember it. In today’s fast moving and electronic age, our lives really move fast for us to catch them. When the year comes to a close many will say that year went fast, and almost cannot recall most days of the year due to us having countless activies in a year. I used to expreience that too up untill I decided to do something about it. Its not an invention, many have done it and succeded. Some have given up altogether.

Doing this for a whole year is not easy. I divided the year into 4 parts or quarters each of 3 months. See below:

  • Jan to March - Done
  • April to June - (This Article)
  • July to September
  • October to December

I am not perfect, see how I have fared so far…

April to June Analysis

LifeLog Image

For this period there were 91 Days. I took 77 images which means I failed taking 14 images. In 14 days I didnt manage to get a shot. Not bad but can be improved.

  • April 30 Days - 28 Images
  • May 31 Days - 26 Images
  • June 30 Days - 23 Images

So that I dont clutter this post, am going to upload the best/iconic photo(s) of each month then move to audio.


Example image

Example image

Example image

LifeLog Audio

LifeLog Audio is still a project in the works, It involves recording an audio clip of the day just like scientists do regulary when working on their expereiments. LifeLog Audio is 3 months old and the results are very compelling. I have managed to record more than 35 audio clips thanks to an app that I mentioned earler called Voice Recorder by SKyroapp which has an excellent user interface. I still havent found a place to upload the audio files, maybe SoudCloud, but thats for another day.

LifeLog TextZh

To improve my Chinese Characters writing speed, I started another project called LifeLog TextZh which involved a daily entry in a diary in Chinese characters.This was very hard to start with and so far am 6 months down the lane. In June however I made one entry so am very guilty thanks to my inconsistency. Nothing to report here.

So that all about this update, see you in September 30th