Accessing Google Drive From Terminal

Google Drive is a good way to backup your data. In Windows this can be accomplished simply by having a Google account and drag-dropping stuff into it. From a CLI - Command Line Interface a different approach is used which I will explain in this article. My distro is [Archlinux]() so this tutorial is based on the same. Tools rclone gdrive rclone rclone is written in Google’s Go Language and it a powerful tool that can be used to access your Google Drive neatly from the terminal. … »

Serving Your Wordpress Blog on Caddy on Linode Server

After fiddling around and some long hours setting up my server, I managed to install Wordpress on Caddy.For those who have not used Caddy before, you can read more about it on Caddyserver. Its awesome since it gives you a https (security) for your domain. Caddy is praised by industry experts for security defaults and unpararelleld usability. Take Note To make this tutorial easier to follow, I will first point out my biggest issues which you need to take care as you go forth: … »