Configuring Marantz Pro MPM 1000U in Linux

Recording audio off the Marantz Pro 1000U from terminal

The Marantz Pro MPM-1000U is a USB condenser mic for DAW recording or podcasting. It comes in as an entry level mic.It comes with a USB connection which was one of the feature that I wanted. This mic is designed to work on any PC with a descent USB interface and a software like Audacity. While thats good, I wanted to try out recording on termial and this is how far I have come in doing so. [Read More]

LifeLog 2017 Edition Day 180 Update

LifeLog is a personal year long project for logging daily activities by taking a photo and audio recording daily with my phone camera, today is the 180th since I started.

Today is Friday, the 3oth of June, 2017. 180 days since my last update and also 180 days since the year started. Its also equivalent to 15,552,000 seconds or 259,200 minutes or 4320 hours or 25 weeks and 5 days since the year started. Simpy put upto today 49.32% of 2017 has gone. Thats alot to take in give the many digits. On the other side, there are 184 days left in 2017. [Read More]